Saturday February 6th doors open at 7:00 Am

General Admission online purchase only.          BUY TICKETS HERE 

Single Session $15          All Day $25          Table Seat $40 

To purchase Table Seat tickets please call 801 404 5300



Main Ballroom (The Cave)


Session 1

Block 1
Adult Pre-Champ Ballroom (W,T,Q)
Youth Open Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)
Junior I & II Pre-Champ Ballroom (W,T,Q)
Junior I Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)




Block 2
Pre-Teen Formation Ballroom
Junior Formation Ballroom
Youth Formation Ballroom


Block 3
Adult Pre-Champ Smooth (W,T,F)
Youth Open Smooth (W,T,F,VW)
Junior I & II Pre-Champ Smooth (W,T,F)
Junior I Smooth (W,T,F,VW)


Block 4
Adult Pre-Champ Latin (CC,S,R)
Youth Open Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J)
Junior I & II Pre-Champ Latin (CC,S,R)
Junior I Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J)
Pre-Teen I Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J)
Pre-Teen II Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J)


Block 5
Pre-Teen Formation Latin
Junior Formation Latin
Youth Formation Latin



Session 2

Block 6
Adult Open Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)
Adult Novice Ballroom (W,Q)
Youth Pre-Champ Ballroom (W,T,Q)
Junior II Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)


Block 7
Adult Open Smooth (W,T,F,VW)
Adult Novice Smooth (W,F)
Youth Pre-Champ Smooth (W,T,F)
Junior II Smooth (W,T,F,VW)


Block 8
Adult Open Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J)
Adult Novice Latin (S,R)
Youth Pre-Champ Latin (CC,S,R)
Junior II Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J)

North Ballroom



Syllabus Elementary School Newcomer (SW)
Syllabus Elementary School Ballroom (Q)
Syllabus Junior High School Ballroom (Q)
Syllabus High School Ballroom (W)
Solo Stars Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)
Am/Am Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)
Pre-Teen I Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)
Pre-Teen II Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)


Adult Open Rhythm (CC,R,SW,B,M)
Adult Pre-Champ Rhythm (CC,SW,M)
Youth Open Rhythm (CC,R,SW,B,M)
Youth Pre-Champ Rhythm (CC,SW,M)
Junior I & II Rhythm (CC,R,SW,M)


Syllabus Elementary School Smooth (F)
Syllabus Junior High School Newcomer (SW)
Syllabus Junior High School Smooth (F)
Syllabus High School Smooth (F)
Showdance Formation


Syllabus Elementary School Latin (PD)
Syllabus Junior High School Latin (R)
Syllabus High School Newcomer (SW)
Syllabus High School Latin (S)
Solo Stars Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J)
Am/Am Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J)